December 29, 2021

Virginia Supreme Court Finalizes Redistricting

On Tuesday, Dec 28th, the Court issued its order finalizing the voting districts for the next 10 years. The Floyd Beacon will be looking more into the details, as will everyone else. It looks like there were some changes from the proposed maps provided by the Special Masters. It does not look like the last minute changes made any differences to the effects on Floyd County. Floyd County is still in the 9th Congressional District, where Rep Griffith is our incumbent. His home is no longer in the 9th but that is not a requirement by law. State Senator Suetterlein no longer lives in our State Senate District. Finally our House of Delegates District, now #47, looks entirely different. Floyd is now paired up with Carroll, Patrick, and the city of Galax.

The Court Order, which has links to the new maps, can be found at:

House of Delegates District 47

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