June 30, 2022

Land Transfers

MAY 1, 2022

A & A Farm Inc. to A & A of Floyd LLC; 5/19,  C

Bassettrv LLC to Kessler, Rodney L; 5/23, LG, $51,000

Burnette, Darrell to AHMED, Jamal D, Carolina Beach, NC; 5/16, C, 2.152 ac, $115,000

CMH Homes Inc to Sloane, Raymond L; 5/17, LG, 13.0835 ac, $216,456.50

Crouse, Ray William to Chaffin, Stanley Matthew; 5/17, LR, 34.1276 ac, $161,500

Dulaney, Wayne A to Dulaney, Jeffery Douglas, Vinton; 5/25, IV, 5 ¾ ac

Eggers, Traute A. to Pursifull, Kreig P; 5/31, C, 59.4046 ac, $500,000

Elliott, Timothy to Peck, Phillip Raymond, High Point, NC; 5/26, IV, 6.5374 ac, $185,000

Fenwick, William S to Phillips, Eugene; 5/18, LG, $46,000

Floyd Farm Associates to Dipietro, Kevin R; 5/17, LR, 12.1299 ac, $80,000

Gearhart, Shaylee B to Earles, Chad D; 5/25, LR, 3.8102 ac

Getgood, John H to Kirby, Sarah G; 5/24, C, 2.023 & 36.189 ac

Harman, Donald E, Jr to Hill, Dawn; 5/26, C, 10.5 ac, $16,911.31

Hatcher, Donald Ray to Caskey-Beardslee, Brandy; 5/23, C, 0.910 ac, $36,500

Heekin, Zachary James to Pearce, Robert; 5/25, C, 19.8486, $138,940.20

Hernandez, Leticia Garcia to Daniels, Graham, Riner; 5/27, LR, 4.419 ac, $175,000

Holden, Isaac E to Hoback, Leola; 5/19, LR, 2.7691 & 1.940 ac

Hylton, Darlene H to Little Lady Renovations LLC; Covington; 5/26, BF 6.10 & 1.97 ac

Nealy, Denise S to Edlund, Randall Carl; 5/18, LR, 6.7638 ac, $451.999

Parker, James Henry, Jr to Clark, Richard Gordon, Fayetteville, NC; 5/20, BF, 1 ac, $184,900

Poff, Lois B to Burnette, Darrell W; 5/16, BF, 9.285 ac, $298,000

Pugh, Freddie D to Yaun, Zeyu, Blackburg; 5/18, AR, 22.018 ac, $129,000

Reed, Trey D to Walker, Elizabeth Cathryn; 5/17, C, 1.49975 ac,$220,000

Rendo, Jesse Cory to Zeigler, David A; 5/17, LG, 2.204 ac, $6,000

Robbins, Dorothy E to Ardellini, Michael L Charles; 5/20, LG, 19.883 ac, $378,000

Sowers, Lula Mae to Songer, David Wayne; 5/18, AR, 8.361 ac

Tyree, Peter B to Schwartz-Gralla, Eli A; 5/19, LR, 27.907 ac, $100,000

Van Gorp, Darwyn A to Davis, Susan; 5/31, 0.21 ac, $1

White, Denny to Thomas, Jeffrey Chase; 5/18, IV, 6.386 ac, $60,000

For the second half of May, 20% of the sales were to a grantee whose residence is outside Floyd County; 80% of the sales were to a grantee whose residence is inside Floyd County.

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