June 30, 2022

I Am Your Pro-Life Patriot

A Speech by Marie March

This year we celebrate the 246th anniversary of our independence. I hope you agree that the “experiment” in a new type of government by our founding fathers in 1776 was a great success.   The Founders were looking to the future with the gravity of what they intended to do, declare the colonies independence from Britain and create a new kind of government. They were determined to take their faith, history, and economics knowledge and unite the English colonies into a new nation. They were not perfect men and did not create a perfect nation. They gave us a legacy of liberty that has its roots in Virginia, the nation’s cradle of liberty.

America had become strong. A symbol of liberty that draws people from around the world to make better lives here. Because we offer opportunity, not because we offer socialism.

America, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Where can we find the evidence of the modern free and brave America our founders envisioned? We can find it in our most conservative elected leaders. Those of us who vote most consistently with the conservative values and economic and social needs of YOU, the people.

We won’t find liberty in Rhino candidates who campaign on conservative issues to win elections and then vote moderate on the House floor. Those candidates only serve to strengthen the policies of the left, the people that are determined to remove our national symbols, history, and our identity as proud Virginians and Americans.

We definitely won’t find assured protection for our rights in elected officials and candidates who are soft on gun control, support socially engineered education in our schools, and have weak voting records on issues important to decent, hard-working parents and patriots all across Virginia and America. To stand for conservatives in Virginia, you must be red, white, and blue and support the issues parents and citizens are concerned about. The economy, education, and immigration. All of these issues affect SWVA. 

How many of you agree with me on this?  

I don’t know about you all, but I want a strong America, A freedom-loving liberty-minded America, to be the most significant influence of the 21st century. I want to see our State of Virginia right out front helping lead the way. What does that take? It takes you and others like you to support and elect liberty-minded, conservative candidates across the state, beginning here, in SWVA. Leaders who speak out against power that is corrupt, unjust, and working against American values. 

Right now, I and other Republicans battle for the Conservative Voice in the Virginia House of Delegates. We need your support to end the policies that have caused runaway inflation and job-killing record-high gas and food prices. I know Virginia families are wondering how to make ends meet at the end of the month, and many people are struggling to buy gas to drive to work. Seniors have to decide on medication, health care visits, and food buying. Our children face socialist indoctrination with misinformation on America’s history and goals in our classrooms, and the media rains abuse on any who questions them.

We have not lost the battle for liberty. Remember what inspired our founders. Brave men who put their future and lives on the line to prove our right to control our destiny. Like five Justices on the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court handed us valuable tools in the decisions last month to protect Life, Self-Defense and Educational Choice. You have to have representatives willing to use those tools to defend YOUR rights. I WILL DO THAT. 

 I believe their answers are rooted in our land through great faith in God, natural rights, and an undefeatable passion for liberty. The witness to their ideals is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. A nation founded in faith and fueled by liberty is why I run for delegate in the Virginia House of Delegates. 

We all need to work together to win elections that put strong conservatives in office, and I need your help today win in the next election. As one of the top four most conservative delegates, my voting record has proven my commitment to a limited conservative government. 

I vote for what is good for you and Virginia, even if our caucus disagrees.

I can run on my record; I don’t need to send out lies via robocalls and emails.

My opponent claimed I am campaigning in his District. As I see it, this notion makes him a flawed candidate because he is mistaken. The 47th District is your District, not Wren Williams, and not mine, and I am humbled and appreciative of the opportunity I have to serve your interests in Richmond. 

What motivates me is promoting conservative government policies. Seeing you and all Virginians have the opportunity to run a business with limited interference from government regulation. Good fiscal responsibility in Richmond allows you to keep your hard-earned money and demands accountability. I will continue to vote no to more spending rather than yes to excessive spending and waste. 

I want all citizens, especially parents, to know what children learn in our Virginia schools. With parents deciding the lessons. Not bureaucrats dictating political agenda through our schools. 

Two hundred fifty years ago, we began our defense of individual rights. I will not give up our long-held principles to liberal policies now. I am your alternative to those that would go to Richmond riding a rhinoceros.

We defeated Gun control in the last session, we will defeat the coming assault weapons ban in the next session, and I will vote to roll back all of the unconstitutional gun controls enacted by the Democrats.

My opponent claims he is the “only” conservative in the race, and I should drop out of the election. Why is he afraid? Well, a valid comparison of his voting record against my record might inform you that he is not the “only true conservative in the House of Delegates,” as he called himself. He had to call himself that because no one else would call him that. He is ranked lower than many other more conservative Republican delegates. 

Independence inspires me to vote the way I do. I cast my vote for individual liberty because your ability to remain free from unnecessary government interference and regulations is more important to me than party-line politics. Government should have little influence and even less control over our personal lives. That is how free people live. Freedom lifts people to make choices for themselves.   I won’t give your liberty up without a fight.

I am prolife. I intend to carry a bill that protects life at conception. To me, every life is precious, deserving of the right to life and protection under the laws of our state and nation.

 I am a business owner and have to be financially responsible to run my business. Government spending should be considered carefully. You send delegates to Richmond to weed out the excessive spending or frivolous projects and social engineering, not to find more ways to spend your money. I want to continue to champion responsible stewardship of our tax dollars. If a bill requires taxpayer dollars, I will instead find a way to save those taxpayers’ dollars.   

The men who began our nation were, first of all, farmers. They saw and knew the importance that agriculture would be to the nation. They saw farming as the most vital asset of the new nation. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and even Franklin understood the importance of farming in Virginia, and so do I. I am working on several projects to help strengthen small and independent farmers and businesses that support their needs. The integrity and security of our food supply are just as important to the farmer as to the citizen. I am working in my district to promote agro culture and business. 

It is up to us to guard our liberty, to defend our happiness. 

We all know how important each election is to the future of our families.   Our values and freedom are at stake. I ask you to support me as part of your defense. Not because I was born here. Because I have given you reasons by my record that I make good decisions. I choose to live here, to raise a family here and create businesses here. Tell me that you know that I am your chosen fighter in Richmond.

I hope you will consider the great American legacy left to us by generations of patriots before us. Think about America today and in the future. I will continue to vote as a solid conservative in Richmond. A record I am proud of and will continue to uphold.   With this in mind, I am asking for your support both financially and at the ballot box. The next election is not far off, and we must prepare for it far in advance. Our opponents are preparing, and so must we.

Paid for by a Private Citizen exercising their protected rights.

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