June 30, 2022

For Our Understanding Whose Flag Is It Anyway?


by Kellean Gale

The future seems at odds, an encroaching juxtaposition of sorts is on our horizon. American society has slid almost calmly into a loss of purpose, resulting in an identity crisis among many in the nation. The “United” States of America has become a divided state of America. I recently came across an article written by Ben Sharpioro that I found interesting:

He writes, “A society without meaning and purpose, filled with rage fueled by leftist government-support believes that personal identity is not found in individual desires and societal duties but resides in a subjective sense of self, unverifiable by the world at large and justified against all societal roles and rules. “ 

President Joe Biden, in a speech made from the White House, proclaimed to the nation to “hoist our pride flag with pride.” How odd our National Flag is not spoken of so highly by those on the left. Our national flag represents the very ideals that allow for the free exchange of ideas and personal liberty that differing opinions and ideas rest upon. Our President doesn’t tell us to “proudly” raise the symbol of America, our national flag. What he asked us to do is “ignore the internal contradictions of Left-wing sexual ideology and ignore the incoherence.” Stand for women’s rights but believe that Lia Thomas is a woman, that men who believe they are women can be lesbians and biology dictates behavior, but biology must not be used to identify.” 

Our nation is losing respect for individual and personal identity. Many, many people are looking for a purpose in any place, any cause, and eventually will champion the flow of the masses and lose all regard for the worth of the individual. Philosophers tell us, our life experience tells us, that our self-worth needs a purpose to be happy; we must have purpose and meaning and that must be validated. For the left, this means validation for group-think is achieved by the oppression of those who disagree with their purpose and goals. We need to ask, how can the individual worth be sustained within a society that is protesting everything as oppression and inequity, without regard to consequences other than self-justification, find purpose and meaning other than by forcing others to complywith their will? What is the goal of their will? Just ask social media—they have the answers. Or maybe ask Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters—they always have something to say. America originally found her purpose in her strong religious faith and belief in individual responsibility and accountability. 

Without purpose or meaning, depression sets in and people turn to extreme measures to find relief from just getting up in the morning. Substance abuse, suicide and violence increase, and morals decline as social and moral standards fall away. That society is ripe for the picking and gullible beyond belief. Then in steps, the radical left, using social media and entertainment to spread misinformation from every corner. If you want sources for these statements you don’t have to go to your bible or minister if you’re not a person of religious faith: read what Carl Jung and Fredrick Nietzsche and other modern philosophers, theologians and anthropologists have written on the need for purpose for each individual and for society. 

Right now, America is in a desperate place, not only from outside forces but from the lack of purpose within. One that has allowed the coopting of words, history, and most disturbing of all the American flag by “the modern left.” America’s goals and dreams are changed into nightmares. It doesn’t matter that it will ensnare people into blind obedience to the new cause, that cause is government. More and more government control over society, enforcing the purpose of more reasons to follow the government. Where else can they turn, when as society takes on atheism and the media keep sending the message that “God has left the building, perhaps God was never here at all.” The government will keep and protect you, and you now have a new purpose, to protect the government and help it grow in your life. Our very affluence is being used against us. 

Our economic system, big business, banking and successful entrepreneurial spirit are being laid on the alter of sacrificial change as the culprits of all the nations social woes.  People these are the kick start engines of American success, not our societal demons. 

If this were 1918, 1945, or even 2011 a social and political storm would be raging. America had a purpose and a clear identity known by herself and to all others around the world. That purpose was to provide an opportunity to her people and defend Americans from attack or, to quote Toby Keith was, “to put a boot in the backside” of anyone who threatened our nation, “it’s the American way.” But times have rapidly changed how people think about the defense of American Liberty. Now the greatest attack comes from within. The soundbites of social media have championed more government, less freedom, and more community group think. The loss of the value of an individual seemed to have steamrolled across our America. But I wouldn’t bet on that for long. Oppression is a heavy weight to carry, and people won’t readily carry it for long.  You know, many of us want the original meaning of our words back, our individualism back and our flag to be respected.

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