June 8, 2022

Floyd Soup Shop a part of Check Farm Trail

Sunday, June 12th, 11am – 5pm

Owner/Chef Susan Huff is excited to welcome people to the Floyd Soup Shop

On Sunday June 12th hope you will visit the Floyd Soup Shop to learn more about what we do: producing wholesome food made with locally-sourced seasonal products.

Visit us for a FREE Iced Tea and Granola sample 11am- 5pm

Meet: Owner/Chef Susan Huff

See: Our cozy cafe and all you need in one spot stop stocked with natural organic and healthy goods of all kinds including local art and more!

Learn: About our mission to use local seasonal products and support the community by selling goods from a 50 mile radius

To Do: Enjoy our beauTful deck, flowers, herbs and goods from the local growers, bakers, and makers of local LOVE!

This event is rain or shine.

The Soup Shop

7360 Floyd Highway N. Copper Hill, VA 24079 (Off Jack’s Mill Road)

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