JANUARY 15, 2022

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From Protester to Prisoner

The Saga of T.J. Robertson

by William Paine

Thomas Jarrett Robertson is a native of Floyd County, Virginia and a former U.S. Army Ranger and Purple Heart recipient, and a 20-year veteran in good standing of the Rocky Mount Police Department. In fact, for several years, Thomas (T.J.) Robertson acted as the Firearms Instructor for the Cardinal Criminal Justice Facility, where he trained police officers throughout Southwest Virginia. Until very recently, T.J. and his wife Samantha lived a comfortable existence at their spread in Franklin County, VA. All of that changed after the actions T.J. Robertson and fellow Rocky Mount police officer, Jacob Fracker, took after the speech given by President Donald Trump on January 6, 2021.

“OK, so, I went into the Capitol … I did,” Robertson admitted. “I screwed up. Maybe I should have known better, but whatever, I did it. But I’m not charged with anything violent,” Robertson continued. “I have zero criminal history. I don’t even have a traffic ticket in the last 25 years.”

For the last six months, T.J. Robertson has spent 23 hours a day inside a 12×8 cell in the Central Virginia Regional Jail. He is allowed one hour a day outside his cell to shower and watch T.V. in a larger room before being led to his cell again. The fluorescent light in his room automatically comes on at 5 a.m., every day, before shutting off again at 12:30 a.m. His meals arrive three times a day through a slot in his cell door. At no time is he allowed to have human contact with anyone while in the facility.


As alluded to, this former law enforcement officer’s new lifestyle results from T.J. Roberston entering into the U.S. Capitol Building during what is sometimes referred to as the “January 6, Insurrection.” Beginning around noon that day, Robertson and fellow officer Fracker were both at the rally given by President Donald Trump near the Washington Monument.


“At the end of that speech is when we started marching up Pennsylvania Avenue to the capitol,” Robinson stated.

The two Rocky Mount police officers, and hundreds of others besides, ended up at the west side of the U.S. Capitol, which is fronted by rows of stairs. According to Robertson, his entrance into the Capitol Building was not marked by tearing down barriers or confronting the Capitol Police officers there on duty.

“At the area of the Capitol that I was, there were no police in riot gear,” Robertson recounted. “I literally walked up a flight of stairs on the backside of the Capitol. A Police officer was handing out bottles of water to people coming up the steps. I asked him if it was OK to go in because there was a line of people forming to go in and he said, ‘Just don’t go anywhere we have blocked off.’”

Robertson appears to have arrived at the Capitol after several protesters had already gained entry. Some protestors were undoubtedly violent in their actions, but several video clips show Capitol Police guiding protesters in and around the Capitol grounds.

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Meridan Roberts: Miss Floyd County Fair

by Kellean Gale

Miss Meridan Roberts is a lovely young woman and our own Miss Floyd County Fair. She recently participated in the Miss Virginia Association of Fairs competition representing Floyd County. Recently Meridan returned home from a statewide competition as a semi-finalist in the top eleven and won the photogenic award. At twenty years old, she is not only photogenic but an ambitious young woman who thinks about medical or nursing school in the future. Currently, she hopes to use her experience with scoliosis to inspire other young women to practice positive body behavior. Recently she made a very positive statement about herself that deserves sharing in hopes that other young women will aspire to be all they dream of being.

“Two years ago, I took on the Miss Virginia Association of Fairs stage for the first time as my second pageant ever. This weekend, I was graciously able to take the opportunity once more as the representative of Floyd County.


I told Mom my only goal this weekend was to do better than the girl I was a couple of years ago – I am so happy to say that I accomplished that goal while unashamedly being myself. I am coming home today as a semi-finalist in the top eleven and the photogenic award winner (thanks to Kimberly and Kellie)!

I met some incredible women throughout the last few days; this was by

far the best part. Our new Miss VAF 2022 is so deserving and truly embodies what this organization is all about.

THANK YOU to my beyond supportive family, directors JoAnna Faye Wilson and Dee Dannewitz Wallace, the Floyd Livestock & County Fair board, my second mom Kristina Delp, and everyone who has left such kind comments this weekend! I’m EXTRA thankful for my mom, Rhonda, for being my number one fan and pushing me to be the best version of myself.

I hope I made you proud, Floyd County!!! ”


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