DECEMBER 1, 2021

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Veteran’s Parade:

A moment of Honor and Respect

by Kellean Gale

It only takes a moment of honor and respect to create pride in our future. A parade is always something special in a small town. This Veteran’s Day parade continued our tradition to honor our servicemen and women. The sun was shining, and flags were waving as the parade began. People smiled over nostalgic memories of families and friends who served our country. Some got lost in the memories of those who served in the past or those lost in battles. People who lined the streets were full of patriotism and pride in America. Many brought their children, teaching them to honor, respect, and take pride in our nation, flag, and military. Many have friends and family currently serving as our county gathered to celebrate and remember those who serve their nation as members of the United States Military. As one of the founding colonies that came together to fight for liberty, Virginia has a significant place in history to honor and preserve, and Floyd remembers that history. On November 14, we came together on the streets of our county seat to show respect and honor to all who serve our great nation. Later in the afternoon, the Stuart Horse Auxilliary stood before the Civil War Monument to acknowledge those who served during the Civil War. Following the parade, the Floyd Moose Lodge 2300 invited parade participants to join in a meal and friendship in their honor. The food was good. The company was warm and friendly. As a veteran myself, thanks to the lodge members for going the extra measure to show support of our veterans. 



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Spectacular Election Results Promotes Positive Change

by Michael Gale

November 2nd saw spectacular participation when this election season came to a climax. There were both local and statewide campaigns that were energetically run. Turnout for voting was almost at the level of the 2020 Presidential level. For those of us whose candidates won we’re happy, of course. However, everyone that participated in the election activities should be pleased with the increased turnouts.

Looking at the numbers, this was not the typically low turnout of an “off-year election.” 

Compared to the number of people that voted in last year’s Presidential Election, as many as 70% or more voters cast their ballots for Governor in this election. In Floyd County, 50% more people voted for the Governor candidates than voted in 2017. Though “came out” is a misrepresentation of this election season. One-third of the voters in Floyd County cast their ballots before election day. As a result, the results turned in by the polling places on Tuesday night did not reflect the results of the elections for most of the positions on the ballots. Pulaski and Montgomery Counties had a similar experience. One of the future effects of counting the early and absentee votes for three days after election day will be the coverage. Campaign parties will not be able to focus on the poll results as a reason to celebrate after the polls close. Perhaps new members of the Board of Elections will seek to tighten the days of the Election Season and determine ways to count absentee ballots in less than three days after the polls close.

Locally the Youngkin win affects us through the work of his transition teams. Our State Senator David Suetterlein is the Chair of the Education Transition Team. He also serves on the Public Safety and Homeland Security Team. “To change the trajectory of our great Commonwealth, our transition team is utilizing the vast experience of business owners, law enforcement officials,
veterans, healthcare providers, industry experts, and—most importantly—parents to determine how government can begin to serve Virginians better and to start delivering on our Day One promises of better schools, safer streets, a lower cost of living, and more jobs,” said Governor-elect Youngkin.

Once sworn in, Governor Youngkin will be appointing hundreds of positions on state boards and commissions. Some positions can only be appointed when terms expire for previous appointments. Some people will be disappointed that Youngkin must wait to replace them with people that do a better job of protecting the individual liberties of students, parents, and voters. Virginia law does not allow a new governor to toss all current appointments out. For more information on the positions and appointment requirements, look into the Code of Virginia Title 22.1 Chapter 2. Board of Education and Code of Virginia Title 24.2 section 24.2-106 for Local Electoral Boards. The web pages of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Boards, and Commissions have details about the state boards and commissions and how citizens may apply for the openings.   

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