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Let Community speak. Information promotes understanding, sharing promotes friendship and facts create trust. These six components go far in development of healthy community relations. Building a relationship between communities is what the Floyd Beacon is all about. With the help of members of the community, who are the real makers and customers of community news, we will work to build, inform and unite concerned citizens interested in creating a positive and supportive fellowship with others. We can't imagine a strong community growing and thriving without sharing the news. The Floyd Beacon strives for quality, fair and unbiased reporting of facts reported to us by you, the community being served. We encourage you to become involved in whatever way that interests you and to speak out on the important issues that concern us all. We believe a newspaper can ask questions and report the news but only the voices of the people can speak the answers that a strong and healthy community builds on. With respect, tolerance, and recognition that every citizen has the right to be heard, is how the Floyd Beacon will present the news. Our goal is to support community leadership, local businesses and independent business owners and encourage readers to participate in civic life. A beacon lights the way forward and illuminates what can't be seen. It provides safe footing and warns of hazards along the path. The Floyd Beacon was illuminated on June 25, 2020. Everyone is encouraged to participate in making the Floyd Beacon the community paper you want to read. We welcome suggestions on content, and look forward to printing your accomplishments and ideas. So please write, create, share stories past and present, spread your ideas with your friends and the community. Don't forget how talented and creative you are and include your photos, crafting projects, gardening tips, recipes and remedies. Let's build a strong and cohesive community one person, one story one day at a time.

Kellean Gale

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